Gift Card

The Rockland gift card is the perfect gift for every occasion. Gift cards are available at the information desk, for any amount from $5 to $500.

There is no activation fee.

For the terms and conditions of use of the gift card, click here.

Rockland Gift card

The Rockland gift card offers great flexibility of use since it is redeemable at nearly 1,500 participating stores of Cominar’s shopping centres. The gift card program is valid in 18 shopping centres in Quebec as well as one in Ontario.

Cominar’s shopping centres that accept the gift card:
• Alexis Nihon
• Carrefour Charlesbourg
• Carrefour Frontenac
• Carrefour St-Georges
• Carrefour Rimouski
• Centre Laval
• Centre commercial Rivière-du-Loup
• Centropolis
• Dixie Outlet Mall
• Galeries de Hull
• Galeries Rive Nord
• La Plaza de la Mauricie
• Les Promenades Beauport
• Les Rivières
• Mail Champlain
• Mail Montenach
• Place de la Cité
• Place Longueuil
• Rockland

Non-participating retailers and restaurants at Rockland
Café Dépôt
Charles le tailleur

Check balance
To check the balance of your Rockland gift card, dial 1-800 755-8608, or visit

Purchases and accepted payment methods
Cash, debit, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
Personal cheques are not accepted.
Cash is accepted for purchases of $1000 or less.
Photo ID is required for cash purchases of $500 or more.
Transactions equal or exceeding $1,000 must be approved by Rockland management and a form must be filled.
For all purchases of $3,000 or more, the card purchaser must provide the customer service agent with the following information for validation: his/her first name, last name, address and telephone number.
Customer service agents may decline any transaction they believe to be fraudulent.
Monthly maintenance fees of $2.50 will be automatically debited as of the 16th month following the gift card activation.

Corporate orders
If you are making a purchase for your company or organization, contact us at the following address: