Promote sustainable practices using an efficient environ mental management system

Rockland adheres to the environmental policies of our property owner, Cominar, as well as our own environmental management program. To ensure the latter has an optimal impact, the corresponding practices must be embraced by all stakeholders, i.e., our operations staff, suppliers, tenants and customers. We therefore developed a detailed communication program aimed at reaching out to each of these groups. Known as the Éco-Chic promotion and awareness campaign, this initiative brought home gold from the 2011 ICSC Canadian Shopping Centre Awards.

Our pledge to sustainability also translates into a host of concrete community-oriented measures. For example, we set up a Renaissance trailer in our parking lot at the end of every season so our customers can give away clothes they no longer need. We also turn over the proceeds from our coat/parcel check and stroller rental programs to the Club des petits déjeuners. This represents a total of close to $50,000 given to the charity since October 2008. And any bicycles abandoned on the premises that remain unclaimed after three months, once a police report has been filed, are donated to SOS Vélo.

Please address any comments or questions related to Rockland’s environmental management program to Brian Deslauriers, Operations Manager at 514-342-2182 or brian.deslauriers@cominar.com
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