Optimize the indoor environment

Indoor environment is vital to a retail property, not just for tenants, but for customers as well. That is why we have adopted various measures to maximize air quality and comfort, such as regular inspections of air conduits and intakes. Any water leaks are monitored carefully to nip mould problems in the bud. We are also committed to treating all occupant complaints with diligence and identifying and addressing problems in a timely manner.

Key initiatives ›

Implementation of a mould management program, including regular inspections and strict monitoring of water leaks.
Setup of a program to manage tenant complaints concerning air quality (odours, temperature, etc.) to detect problems immediately.

Introduction of a weekly inspection program of air intakes to ensure there are no obstructions (leaves, snow, insects, etc.) and optimize air quality throughout the property.
Introduction of low-VOC paint for on-site paint jobs.
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