Maximize diversion of waste from landfill

Recycling has been a priority for Rockland since the mid-1980s, when we acquired a compactor and a container to recycle cardboard. Since then, we have embraced numerous other initiatives and made considerable progress. A retail property like Rockland produces a diverse range of waste, including cardboard, plastic, glass and metal, as well as construction, hazardous and organic waste. Our waste management program is therefore designed to optimize the recycling, reuse and composting of these materials. We monitor these operations daily to maximize their efficiency. In addition, we have hired specialists to carry out an annual waste characterization study every year since 2007. We use the resulting information to evaluate our progress and identify areas where improvements can be made.

Ambitious goals, compelling results
From the start, we have set very ambitious goals for our waste management program. The results of the various initiatives rolled out over the years speak for themselves: between 2008 and 2012, our waste recovery rate skyrocketed from 20.7% to 77.5%, and we foresee reaching the 80% mark by the end of 2013. The organic waste collection program alone is responsible for diverting 275 metric tons of waste from landfills every year. Through our agreement with BFI Canada, these materials are composted, and the resulting compost is used by local fir plantation farms to enrich the soil. We also recycle 73% of the construction materials used in our renovation projects, which represents some 155 metric tons per year. As a result of our efforts, we were awarded ICI ON RECYC LE Level 3 certification by RECYC -QUÉBEC in 2012, the highest level of achievement under this program, and Rockland is the first shopping centre in Quebec to meet the corresponding criteria.
Durable dinnerware by Mistral, made with care in Boucherville

Sturdy and virtually unbreakable, the Mistral melamine dinnerware used in Rockland’s food court is made in Quebec by Hamelin Enterprises. Located in Boucherville, this division of the Hamelin Group specializes in the manufacture of high-quality injectionmoulded products. The company was founded in 1969 and has since grown to become of one of Canada’s most respected players in this industry. Hamelin Enterprises has a workforce of more than 50 full-time employees. There are currently two lines of Mistral products: one for everyday use and the other heavy-duty line for commercial or institutional purposes.

Key initiatives›

Implementation of an organic waste collection pilot project in the food court.
Incorporation of new waste recycling stations in the food court, with a slot for organic waste. These recycling stations were designed specifically for use by Rockland after consulting our maintenance team, food court tenants and the public. They have since been improved to include a wet wipe dispenser and pictograms adapted to various restaurant environments to ensure maximum clarity.   Compteur

Distribution of food waste recycling bins to food court concessions.

Participation in the organic waste recycling program integrated into property rules.

Intégration de la participation à la collecte des résidus organiques aux règlements de la propriété.
Introduction of a reusable dish program in the food court, using washable melamine dinnerware made in Quebec. Not only do reusable dishes considerably reduce the amount of waste produced by restaurants, they also make the overall dining experience more pleasant.
Setup of a team to sort organic waste (one full-time employee during the week; one part-time employee on weekends). Nearly 240 metric tons of recyclable waste is now diverted from landfills.
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