Cut down on water use

A shopping centre the size of Rockland requires a number of facilities that use considerable amounts of water. These include public washrooms, restaurant equipment, showers in the fitness centre and landscaping systems. Reducing our total consumption has been one of our team’s top priorities for quite some time. Over the years, we have automated the outdoor irrigation systems to cut down watering to certain hours of the day and to take weather conditions into account. We have also implemented stringent, pre-scheduled inspection and maintenance routines for sanitary facilities to detect leaks as soon as they appear and ensure repairs are made promptly.

Since our environmental management program was rolled out, a number of other measures have been introduced to limit water consumption. We conduct an audit of these efforts every three years to ensure we reach our objectives.
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Installation of water meters, in high-volume areas (e.g., restaurants) to monitor water usage on a monthly basis.   Water conservation stickers put up to remind retailers to curb their usage whenever possible..
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Fire hydrants and hose hookups locked to prevent water theft.   Installation of LEED-certified devices to control the amount of water used for landscaping purposes.
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