Reduce energy consumption

Energy consumption is vital to shopping centre operations – we are keenly aware of this fact, which is why, beginning in 2004, we hired a team of experts to carry out an energy audit at Rockland. Based on this initial assessment, we established clear targets and developed an action plan for achieving them. We monitor our energy consumption monthly and follow up with a new energy audit every year. The resulting data shows how effective our various activities are and allows us to track our progress from one year to the next.

A substantial drop in energy consumption

Since we first introduced energy savings measures, we have cut our annual consumption by 12%. In recognition of this performance, Rockland was admitted into Hydro-Québec’s “Réseau Écolectrique” in 2010. The “Réseau Écolectrique” is made up of leading companies that reduce their energy consumption by 5% or more. We are very proud of this achievement and more motivated than ever to continue to improve our energy performance.

Key initiatives ›

Addition of reserved parking stalls for the Communauto car-sharing program and fuel-efficient vehicles.

Launch of a program to replace sections of the roof with a white roof that has a solar reflectance index (SRI) of 70, in order to reduce airconditioning needs and mitigate the heat island effect. The entire roof is slated to be replaced by 2021.
Installation of electric vehicle charging stations in the parking garage, with a capacity of 125,000 recharged vehicles per year.
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