Awards and certifications

Rockland adopts a structured approach and delivers concrete results, which we evaluate on a regular basis. Over the years, new initiatives have been added to the already comprehensive array of environmentally responsible measures. The result is a remarkable performance that continues to improve year after year. Thanks to the unrelenting efforts of our administration and the retailers who are the heart and soul of the property, we have obtained a number of certifications and honours that put Rockland among the sustainable development leaders in the Quebec shopping centres.
2015 to 2018
BOMA BESt Platinum (level 4)
Rockland achieved the highest level of environmental certification through BOMA. The mall was certified BOMA BEST ® Level Platinum, earning an overall score of 90%.

BOMA Canada’s National Earth Awards - Building of the year
BOMA Canada’s National Earth Awards are BOMA Canada’s recognition of excellence in resource preservation and environmentally sound commercial building management.
Environment Award, Shopping Center
Environment Award, Shopping Center is awarded to the shopping center with the highest pointage in the Boma Best certifications of the previous year.
ICI ON RECYCLE! Level 3 "Performance", Gold level
ICI ON RECYCLE! Level 3 « Performance » certification, Bronze stamp
The first Quebec shopping centre to achieve this level.

ENVIROREPORT Organic waste management program
Rockland recycling program cited as an example in the brochure “Success stories of industrial, commercial and institutional sectors” published by RECYC -QUÉBEC.
Rapport environnement Waste management program
YouTube video
produced by the environmental consulting firm Chamard & Associés released during Waste Reduction Week to highlight the success of our waste management program.

Since 2010
Réseau Écolectrique
Integration into Hydro-Québec’s “Réseau Écolectrique”, which is made up of leading companies known for their exceptional performance and leadership in energy efficiency. Membership into the Réseau écoelectrique (Ecolectric Network)
2011 to 2014
BOMA BESt Level 3 certification
Four levels in total.
Gold Award "Rockland is Eco-Chic" Campaign
Gold award from the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) for the Éco-Chic campaign promoting Rockland’s environmental initiatives.
Canadian Shopping Centre Awards