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Spring is a period of rejuvenation, revival and renewal; the lush return of life is serendipitous, breathtakingly beautiful, even magical. It is literal butterflies and butterflies in your stomach. Close your eyes and hold onto those sensations. Now, isn’t that how a great outfit feels?

Rockland is your destination to refresh your spring-summer style. We will recreate those feelings through exceptional experiences. Together, we can plant the seeds of quality, craftsmanship and creativity watch them grow — both in your closet and in our curated collections.

We will hold your hand as you take risks and see the rewards, whether it’s embracing your brightest brights or whitest whites. We don’t necessarily want to make your spring-summer wardrobe bigger — we want to make it better.

Coco Rocha


Coco Rocha knows that spring and summer fashion is meant to be anything but boring. That’s why all of her fashion selections at Rockland are as varied, vibrant and verdant as the season itself. See how they all came together.


Summer is the high season for international model and businesswoman, Coco Rocha. Whether it’s an exclusive yacht in the south of France or bringing baby Ioni to grandma in Canada, she needs clothing and accessories that are effortlessly elegant. In short, fashion that feels good and looks great. Supermodels: they’re just like the rest of us.

Fortunately, Coco’s first destination was Rockland, where she picked out her key pieces for Spring-Summer’17. Bon voyage!

L’Occitane en Provence




Greiche & Scaff

Coco Rocha's


“I travel quite frequently for work and I believe that your suitcase should be as fabulous as the bag or purse you carry. Of course it has to be durable too, this is a great combination of the two.”

“This is the perfect touch up and cover up product for when you're on the go. Touche Éclat was my very first cosmetic purchase and I'm still in love with it to this day!”

“I'm not too enthusiastic about the gym but when I have a great outfit to wear for some reason I feel a little bit more motivated. This print excites me, maybe it's because I've recently redone my kitchen and I'm obsessed with marble.”

Sacoche d'aujourd'hui


Sports Experts
Do you have any summer styling tips you swear by?
A man’s dress shirt makes the perfect bikini cover up! I love a little menswear for women.

That Sacoche d'aujourd'hui luggage is très chic. What are your summer travel plans?
This summer I'm excited to visit Saint-Tropez again with some dear friends. My husband James and I are also thinking about a vacation in Thailand!

Any new tech you can’t wait to get your hands on?
I'm very excited about the new Tesla solar tiles coming out this summer. They are beautiful and I love the idea of our home being self-sustaining and contained.
Having been a supermodel for almost 15 years, Coco Rocha has intimately seen innumerable trends on the runway — most often she’s the one wearing them. Yet, paradoxically, when asked about her favourite Spring-Summer’17 trends, she responds, “I feel we live in a time when there are no trends. Everything goes. There isn’t necessarily a style or trend I’m going for this season. It’s usually what I’m feeling in the moment.” How refreshing.
If your husband had to style you, what would he dress you in?
It’s so funny that you ask; James does style me, every day of my life — and I love it.
I think it’s the artist in him!


Cabinet Éphémère opened its doors on April 12th. Come and discover the spring looks of Quebec’s top fashion designers.
Rockland became a runway. The high-end looks that will make the spring-summer season 2017 were in the spotlight.
Until June 23, check out the world’s first retrospective exhibit of top model Coco Rocha’s career.