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What is your Fall ‘17 wardrobe staple?
I feel like this season, the shoe is changing; 15 years ago, I had a stiletto pointed shoe that I thought was the greatest thing on Earth. A few years later, it wasn’t so cute anymore. It’s amazing how that has evolved to being on-trend again.

Right now, all my shoes have this dramatic point and hit at the ankle — they’re little booties. I think that’s what’s great about fashion: it evolves and what you love today, you probably won’t love in a few months or years. It’s about always changing.
What is your key outerwear piece for Fall ’17?
I’m always trying to find an oversized maxi coat — the more oversized and masculine, the better. I like to drape it just over the shoulders and not even really wear it as a jacket. Not very functional, but it looks good! It goes back to that 90s aesthetic.
What is your favourite fashion decade?
C’est le cercle de la vie — ou de la mode! Je n’avais jamais idée que les années 90 ou le début des années 2000 reviendraient, et pourtant, me voici aujourd’hui, portant des chaussures très pointues. Je pense que c’est ma décennie préférée en ce moment. J’ai les cheveux courts, donc les années 90 me vont bien. C’est intéressant de les vivre à nouveau... de façon un peu plus chic.
I’m also a very romantic sort of lady, so I do love my 20s, 40s, 50s and a little of the 60s. I’m obsessed with the history of fashion in those decades. I’ve learned a lot over the years, like how World War II is still influencing our style today. Skirts got shorter and had no pleats or pockets to save on materials; buttons were banned because they took too much time to make, which made them super trendy after the War; Dior became influential —and controversial— because his classic look of white button-downs, long skirts and big hats felt backwards to empowered gals who wanted to wear pants too.
How do you express your individual style?
Right now, I really like logo shirts. One of my favourites is my Justin Bieber logo shirt. I like to mess with them; I let [my husband] James draw all over it. We can always look unique by doing something to our clothing. Yes, it’s mass production, but how can you change it? How can it be you? This is a fun way to make a statement piece and for people to come into the room and ask, “What is that? How can I have it?” Storytelling in fashion is always important to me.


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