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the scenes

Behind its glamorous veneer, a model’s life is made up of constant trips around the world, meetings and long days of work where performing is essential.
Coco Rocha

5:50 a.m.: Waking up to a perfect complexion
Makeup artist and hairdresser Julie Cusson heads upstairs to Coco Rocha’s hotel room. Coco arrived late the day before, straight from a family trip in St-Tropez on the French Riviera. The makeup artist puts her brushes to work.

6:50 a.m.: Destination: TV studio
The door of the limousine opens in front of the film studio; Coco is making a guest appearance on the Global Morning show. Coco’s little girl, Ioni, is there to cheer on her mom. Have you ever attended a TV show taping? Everything happens at breakneck speed thanks to hosts who improvise on the spot and are well prepared for live broadcasts! Once the show is done, the two hosts strike a pose with Coco and Ioni, and a few photographs are snapped.
Coco Rocha
8:20 a.m.: Arrival at the photography studio
When she enters the room, Coco, accompanied by her husband and her agent, meets her team for the day. Stylist Simon Venne and his assistant put the final touches on the outfits in the fitting area, while Julie Cusson and her assistant invite Coco to have a seat for makeup and hairdressing.

8:25 a.m.: Coco serves as a muse for a magazine article
Not only is Coco Rocha an undeniable fashion reference and a role model for people in the industry, but she’s also an extremely interesting and approchable person in real life as well as in interviews. Her discussion with Clin d’oeil’s editor is a lively, laughter-filled affair! The article based on the interview will be available on newsstands next November, but that’s all we’re allowed to say about it... Stay tuned!
Coco’s performance is breathtaking; her presence fills the studio to the beat of the music, like a gracious flamenco dancer.

9:15 a.m.: The lens focuses on The Queen of the Pose
Inspirational photos are tacked to the wall, and Coco puts on her first outfit. The autumn-themed backdrops are rolled out on the cyclorama to create a warm atmosphere, the cameras are positioned, and the art direction team sets up near the Rockland team. The music swells, and the photo shoot begins! As soon as Coco Rocha sets foot in front of the camera, it’s a fascinating show to behold. Every outfit—from wide, colourful jackets to jabot blouses to a classic jumpsuit—fits her like a glove. Coco is transformed under the lens and moves like no other.

11:35 a.m.: A family-style lunch break
Ioni’s energy is tangible and impresses the whole team. She dances around, chats with everyone and looks to her mother during the break to be picked up.
Coco Rocha

12:30 p.m.: The shooting starts up again!
If you thought pixie haircuts weren’t versatile, think again! Coco has fun with her new hairstyle and creates different looks that have real character.

16:30 p.m.: It’s in the can!
A few hundred photos or so later, in addition to producing several videos for Rockland and giving several interviews throughout the day, Coco packs up and heads to the airport for a well-deserved flight home.

Keep your eyes peeled. Our fall images and looks will soon be unveiled!


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